A flat fee-only financial planning practice located in the town of Pembroke on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  Ariadne serves clients locally and across the country.

Our philosophy is centered around low costs, smart investing and fair treatment of clients.  We take a holistic, values-driven approach to financial planning focused on providing our clients the clarity and comfort needed to live their great lives.

What We Do

Financial planning is about aligning your goals with your values and using money as a tool to live your great life.   As a small, independent practice, Ariadne offers clients a thoughtful and personal relationship with a financial professional that nurtures a commitment to the ongoing process of financial planning.

We help you navigate the complexities of personal finance so you can spend less time worrying and more time on the things that matter most.

We need to understand you and you need to understand us before committing to a working relationship.

Complex markets do not require complex solutions. We advocate low-cost, tax-efficient investment strategies.

Traditional asset based fees are unreasonable and costly. Reflected in our flat fee structure is the belief that the client, not the size of their portfolio, matters most.

A Different Kind of Advisor

Our Values

Tim Brennan

Too much of the investment industry today is built around selling products and charging investors exorbitant fees to manage their portfolios.

Ariadne was born from my desire to provide a sensible, client-centric approach to financial planning and investment management.  My goal is to help clients by building partnerships based on fair treatment and sensible values.

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