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A financial plan should help you design a life where you can spend your days doing what you love.

Tim Brennan - Founder

Our Story

After graduating college with a degree in economics and a minor in computer science, I spent the early part of my career building business analytics applications for Fortune 100 companies. I eventually took a position at corporate headquarters of one of the largest financial institutions in the country. As somebody who had been investing in the stock market since my freshman year of high school, the opportunity to work for a huge fund company was an exciting one. Although it was a great experience, I couldn’t help but feel like something about the industry was a bit off.

Was the goal to sell products, gather assets or help people? Could it be all of those things? Should doing what is best for the business take priority over what is best for the investor? I wish I could say these questions had easy answers, but they didn’t.

Timothy F. Brennan

Tim Brennan is the founder and principal of Ariadne Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisor in the state of Massachusetts. He holds a bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Maryland, and a certificate in Financial Planning from Bryant University. He began his career as business intelligence consultant and after spending several years supporting corporate analytics for a large mutual fund company.

Tim is a native of Massachusetts, a self-described wine geek and an incredibly average golfer. He currently lives south of Boston in Pembroke, Massachusetts with his wife and children and serves on the town’s finance committee.

Who is Ariadne?

In Greek mythology, Ariadne was the daughter of Minos, King of Crete. Minos had recently conquered Athens, and he demanded as tribute that every year Athens would send seven maidens and seven youths to be sacrificed to the minotaur. Minos put Ariadne in charge of the labyrinth where sacrifices were made. Theseus, a great hero of Greek myth, volunteered to join the band of youths who were to be sacrificed. He traveled to Crete, and as soon as he arrived Ariadne fell in love with him. She offered to help him conquer the labyrinth and kill the minotaur by giving him a ball of thread and a sword. Theseus unrolled the thread as he penetrated the labyrinth, which allowed him to find his way back out. He found the minotaur deep in the recesses of the labyrinth, killed it with his sword, and followed the thread back to the entrance.

It will be easy for us once we receive the ball of yarn from Ariadne and then go through all the mazes of the labyrinth and kill the monster. But how many are there who plunge into life without taking that precaution?

Søren Kierkegaard - 19th century Danish philosopher

The finance industry isn’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows. It’s littered with terrible products, misguided incentives and minotaurs lurking around every corner. For regular people, deciphering the good from the bad can be an overwhelming task. The name Ariadne is reflective of our desire to safely
guide clients through the complexities of personal finance and down a path to achieving their goals.


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