Frequently Asked Questions

Ariadne is a small practice and we want to keep it that way. Limiting our engagements allows us to maintain close, personal connections with all of our clients. Our business model is client-centric, not asset centric. We do not sell products or work for commissions. We work for our clients and look out for them. We are committed to the process of financial planning and believe it sets the foundation for successful investing. We promote low cost, smart and sustainable investment strategies, not gimmicks or fads. Values of fairness and sensibility have shaped our business and are reflected in our flat fee structure and planning process.

While our client base is diverse, the majority of our clients are pre-retirement professionals who have successful careers and are raising families.

Yes. As long as you are comfortable with most modern technology, we are able to serve clients located around the country.

No. We’ve built a flexible business model that allows us to serve clients with different levels of investible assets.

Great question.  Very few people get this right!

It is pronounced: ar-ee-ADD-knee

You can listen to it pronounced here.

Yes, Ariadne is a fiduciary advisor. We are legally obligated to act in the best interest of our clients at all times.

Although you’re welcome to visit my home office on the south shore of Massachusetts, most clients find it much easier for me to come to them, or to meet virtually. Technology is a beautiful thing. We leverage the flexibility of virtual collaboration to dissolve geographic barriers, add convenience and make more efficient use of our time spent with clients.

Those simply looking for a quick buck with short-term investment strategies. The investment timeframe for most of our clients is measured in decades, not months. If you’re interested in fast cash, Las Vegas is probably a better fit. Always split 8’s.

Ariadne is a fee-only advisor. This means the only compensation we receive comes directly from our clients. We don’t receive a commission for selling anything or have any other type of revenue sharing agreements with providers. We believe this type of arrangement limits conflicts of interest and helps us better serve our clients objectively.

Weekend Reading

The goal of Weekend Reading is to keep our readers engaged and up-to-date with the world of finance in a fun and unintimidating format.

The newsletter includes brief commentary about major issues impacting markets along with links to our recent blog updates and interesting finance related articles we came across during the week.