Our Process


Tell us about you and we'll tell you about us.


Understanding your history, goals and values shapes everything we do.


We suggest a plan and provide you with a cost of moving forward.


If you'd like to work with us, we formalize the relationship and get started.


We monitor progress and you live your life. As life happens, we’re here to help.

It Starts with a Conversation

In deciding to work with Ariadne you are investing in a relationship that you believe will be valuable to you and your family. It is important for you to feel comfortable with our process, our philosophy and our personality before making this decision.  Similarly, Ariadne makes an investment in each of our clients. Because we are unwilling to compromise our ability to maintain personal connections with each client, our growth is limited. For us to be successful, we make sure the clients we work with are those who we are best positioned to help.

Prior to asking for a commitment, we engage in a series of in-depth discussions to help us clearly understand your values, goals and financial situation. Following these conversations, we provide you with a plan and review our suggested course of action. If you are comfortable with what you hear and want to move forward, we formalize the relationship and begin working together.  If you choose not to continue working with us, that’s ok too.  Ariadne will not be a good fit for everybody. The analysis and suggestions we’ve offered come at no cost to you.  In the very least we hope you’ve learned something and that our conversations have left you in a better place than when we began.

We understand that our approach is fairly unique.  In the spirit of fairness, we owe this level of due-diligence to both our clients, and ourselves. We strongly believe an extensive, mutual exploration process is time well spent.  It is the best way to ensure each party has the level of information required to make an educated decision about moving forward.  What’s good for our clients, is good for us.

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