Our Philosophy

Sensible Values

Treat Clients Fairly

A client-centric approach to financial planning and investment management.

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Invest Intelligently

Low cost, tax-efficient investment strategies executed with conviction.

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Empower Through Education

Educated investors are better investors.

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Fair Treatment

We take the role we play in people’s lives very seriously. Our clients are our biggest investment. We are not interested in growing this practice beyond our ability to personally serve each of our clients. Being a small, independent advisory firm allows us to offer clients a thoughtful and personal relationship with their advisor. Because our capacity is limited, every client relationship is extremely important.

A big part of treating clients fairly means making sure they pay a sensible price for the service provided. Despite the fact asset-based fees have become the industry standard, we do not believe the relative size of a client’s portfolio is an appropriate way to determine their bill. Reflected in our flat-fee structure is the belief that the client, not the size of their portfolio, matters most. We consider this a much more equitable arrangement than traditional asset-based fees.

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Intelligent Investing

This industry will go to great lengths to sell you crystal balls and can’t lose investment strategies. They’ll disguise unnecessary complexity as sophistication and try to convince you the high price you pay will be worth the results. It won’t be. The best investment strategies might not be easy, but they are simple.

To invest intelligently we first must understand that over the long-term, financial markets do a very good job at rewarding investors for providing capital and taking risk. Second, we must admit to ourselves that we cannot predict the direction of markets. After acknowledging these two simple truths we can spend time optimizing the factors of an investment plan which we have direct control over: cost, risk and taxes.

We emphasize the importance of keeping costs low and being smart about taxes. Basic, global indexing addresses these issues well and provides a great framework for any long-term investment strategy. Building from a solid foundation, enhancing the risk management and asset selection process can positively impact long-term performance.

This simple, no-gimmick approach to portfolio design gives investors the best chance to achieve their goals. Outperforming the market is an objective that should be reserved for fund managers whose careers depend on it. For the rest of us, smart investing means tracking progress against personal benchmarks, not market indices.

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Effective Communication

Having conviction in your investment plan is a major determinant of success. We believe that without comprehension, maintaining the comfort level required for commitment to a plan is challenging. For this reason, we highly value the benefits of transparency and client education. An informed investor is a better investor.

Spending time with clients to ensure they fully understand our process and their plan is extremely important to us. With understanding, comes a peace of mind. Effective articulation of our beliefs will not only have a positive influence on our clients’ success, but educating and sharing our knowledge is something we truly enjoy.

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