Weekend Reading 02/10/2017

Weekend Reading 02/10/2017

From Invisible Alpha

Sequence of Return Risk

Have you heard about “sequence of return risk”?  Probably not.

Too often do those of us inside the industry take our knowledge for granted.  Assuming average investors understand the complexities of finance can lead to confusion and lack of clarity.  It is a tendency I’m certainly guilty of and something I’m making efforts to correct.  Explaining financial planning topics in a way regular people can grasp is important.  With that in mind, I’d like to start utilizing this blog more often to educate readers on topics worthy of attention.  I’ll start today…

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Chart of the Week

What a difference 10 years makes…


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3 Good Reads

Why Vietnam is Booming (John Rekenthaler)

“The bicycles are gone, replaced by Honda scooters. Satellite dishes adorn village roofs. The fashionable youth in Saigon, the nation’s wealthiest spot, cluster in Starbucks, where they sip coffee drinks that are made and priced as if in the United States. The children giggle as they wait in lines at the fast-food chains. Some of them are chubby.”

We Sleep to Forget (Carl Zimmer)

“We sleep to forget some of the things we learn each day.  In order to learn, we have to grow connections, or synapses, between the neurons in our brains. These connections enable neurons to send signals to one another quickly and efficiently. We store new memories in these networks.  When we sleep, the scientists argued, our brains pare back the connections to lift the signal over the noise.”

Jason Zweig Interview with Safal Niveshak (Vishal Khandelwal)

“Study the markets. Study history. Study psychology. Above all, study yourself. Successful investing isn’t about picking the right stocks and avoiding the wrong ones. It is about making sure that you don’t let your own emotions deflect you from your strategy at the worst imaginable time. The best investors are those who think constantly about their own shortcomings and how to overcome them.”

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